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Becoming Khan

  • 040721
  • 3 minutes

It’s nothing new—the market runs on emotion. But how can we avoid doing the same? Spoiler alert: It IS all in your head.…

Bear Markets Come and Go

  • 032420
  • 1 minute

Don't lose sleep over market volatility. There have been 10 bear markets since 1950, and the market has eventually recovered every time.…

Does Inversion = Recession? Does it Matter?

  • 122718
  • 2 minutes

Are we in a recession? Are we heading for a recession? Should we go to cash because of the recession? Let's clear this up.…

Will the Holiday Shopping Season be Enough to Stop the Markets from Falling and Turn the Momentum?

  • 112818
  • 1 minute

Will this holiday shopping season be enough to beat the bear? Early data suggests that may very well be the case.…

Can Tax-loss Harvesting Help You Save on Taxes?

  • 112118
  • 1 minute

How do you harvest losses, and could it save you money? Here are a few things to consider.…

What Do These Big Drops in the Market Mean for You?

  • 102618
  • 1 minute

The last few weeks or so have been a little unsettling for many investors. How worried should you be?…

Will This Win Streak be SNAPped?

  • 032117
  • 2 minutes

Just how unusual have the last few months in the market really been? We dug up some statistics to give perspective.…

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Brexit Backwash

  • 062416
  • 1 minute

The UK has voted to remove itself from the European Union. How we react to events like this are what differentiate traders from investors.…

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Complexity, Simplified: Inter-sowing Seeds of Financial Wisdom

  • 102815
  • 5 minutes

Wisdom can be universal--from farming to financial investments. So when working for growth in fluctuating markets, amend your soil with expert advice.…

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Anticipating the Fed

  • 102715
  • 2 minutes

Will the Fed raise rates? Should they? And what happens to the market if they do or don’t?…

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  • 082615
  • 1 minute

As we continue to live through the increased volatility in the financial markets, it’s a natural reaction to question how this may impact our own individual wealth.…

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Risk vs Reward

  • 021515
  • 3 minutes

The S&P 500 saw huge returns in 2014, but most portfolios didn t echo those gains. Would the investment risk have been worth the reward?…

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Retirement Essentials

  • 111214
  • 6 minutes

Your retirement planning Holy Grail: To determine an ideal withdrawal rate. But with inflation and myriad variables, you may need a guiding light.…

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Recent Equity Market Volatility

  • 101614
  • 2 minutes

Here at FNA, we have been anticipating a pullback in the markets for the last two quarters. Now that we are living it, I would like to answer a pair of questions that are likely on many of your minds.…