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The Zen Investor's Bliss

  • 081721
  • 3 minutes

Two paths diverged in a wood, and I, as an investor, logically took the one with the sign that read: "Toll-Free Road to Zen-Like Investing."…

Those D@#% Yankees

  • 070121
  • 3 minutes

The story of the 1941 New York Yankees provides a lesson on how to keep yourself in check when the stakes are high and the ship appears to be sinking. Part II of our series underscores the value of taming emotion when there's volatility about.…

Becoming Khan

  • 040721
  • 3 minutes

It’s nothing new—the market runs on emotion. But how can we avoid doing the same? Spoiler alert: It IS all in your head.…

Bear Markets Come and Go

  • 032420
  • 1 minute

Don't lose sleep over market volatility. There have been 10 bear markets since 1950, and the market has eventually recovered every time.…

Does Inversion = Recession? Does it Matter?

  • 122718
  • 2 minutes

Are we in a recession? Are we heading for a recession? Should we go to cash because of the recession? Let's clear this up.…

Will the Holiday Shopping Season be Enough to Stop the Markets from Falling and Turn the Momentum?

  • 112818
  • 1 minute

Will this holiday shopping season be enough to beat the bear? Early data suggests that may very well be the case.…

Can Tax-loss Harvesting Help You Save on Taxes?

  • 112118
  • 1 minute

How do you harvest losses, and could it save you money? Here are a few things to consider.…

What Do These Big Drops in the Market Mean for You?

  • 102618
  • 1 minute

The last few weeks or so have been a little unsettling for many investors. How worried should you be?…

Will This Win Streak be SNAPped?

  • 032117
  • 2 minutes

Just how unusual have the last few months in the market really been? We dug up some statistics to give perspective.…

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Brexit Backwash

  • 062416
  • 1 minute

The UK has voted to remove itself from the European Union. How we react to events like this are what differentiate traders from investors.…

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Complexity, Simplified: Inter-sowing Seeds of Financial Wisdom

  • 102815
  • 5 minutes

Wisdom can be universal--from farming to financial investments. So when working for growth in fluctuating markets, amend your soil with expert advice.…

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Anticipating the Fed

  • 102715
  • 2 minutes

Will the Fed raise rates? Should they? And what happens to the market if they do or don’t?…

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  • 082615
  • 1 minute

As we continue to live through the increased volatility in the financial markets, it’s a natural reaction to question how this may impact our own individual wealth.…

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Risk vs Reward

  • 021515
  • 3 minutes

The S&P 500 saw huge returns in 2014, but most portfolios didn t echo those gains. Would the investment risk have been worth the reward?…

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Retirement Essentials

  • 111214
  • 6 minutes

Your retirement planning Holy Grail: To determine an ideal withdrawal rate. But with inflation and myriad variables, you may need a guiding light.…

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Recent Equity Market Volatility

  • 101614
  • 2 minutes

Here at FNA, we have been anticipating a pullback in the markets for the last two quarters. Now that we are living it, I would like to answer a pair of questions that are likely on many of your minds.…