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Older couple wearing protective goggles, grinning in awe and delight as they gaze upward at some unseen spectacular display of creative power and beauty

Retirement's Happy Space-Time Collision

  • 092523
  • 4 minutes

Travel is a top retirement goal for many. But determining how much and how often to splurge on travel as a retiree can be daunting. Consider four steps to map out your retirement travel goals.…

Photograph of Jimmy Stewart’s wax figure as George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life at Madame Tussaud’s in Hollywood.

Is It a Wonderful Life?

  • 120922
  • 4 minutes

As investors, maintaining perspective can be tough when life hits us with a daily poop emoji. With a bit of consideration, these three topics can help turn our internal frown upside-down: Trust, relativity and tolerance—in brief.…

A Bitcoin rolls across the foreground, eventually eaten by a dark, geeky-looking monster whose image glitches in and out.

Nixon, Crypto and the Goblins of Newness

  • 033022
  • 4 minutes

In practice, does Bitcoin portend economic freedom or anarchy? Is it a viable currency? And what is its present investment potential? Let’s take a stab at the latter two questions. Though it might be helpful to first talk about currency itself.…

Young woman lounges lazily in the sun, her eyes gazing through retro-trendy sunglasses past the ominous volcanic heat nearby.

I Like My Market Corrections Sunny Side Up. You?

  • 100821
  • 3 minutes

Is an impending market correction the interstellar monster we might imagine it to be? It all depends on how you serve it. Order up!…

Close-up of a woman staring purposefully at the camera, a colorful circle outlining the so-called

The Zen Investor's Bliss

  • 081721
  • 3 minutes

Two paths diverged in a wood, and I, as an investor, logically took the one with the sign that read: "Toll-Free Road to Zen-Like Investing."…

Those D@#% Yankees

  • 070121
  • 3 minutes

The story of the 1941 New York Yankees provides a lesson on how to keep yourself in check when the stakes are high and the ship appears to be sinking. Part II of our series underscores the value of taming emotion when there's volatility about.…

Becoming Khan

  • 040721
  • 3 minutes

It’s nothing new—the market runs on emotion. But how can we avoid doing the same? Spoiler alert: It IS all in your head.…

Live Sessions: 8/6/20

  • 080620
  • 2 minutes

What are we to make of the continued earnings in the tech sector? And what risk factors should we watch for over the next 12 months?…

Live Sessions: 7/30/20

  • 073020
  • 1 minute

What market impactors should we watch for over the next few weeks? And what's unique about commercial real estate assets?…

Live Sessions: 7/23/20

  • 072320
  • 1 minute

Is it a bad idea to act on speculations over the upcoming election now? And what market areas might benefit from current conditions?…

Live Sessions: 7/16/20

  • 071620
  • 1 minute

What might be in store for the rest of 2020? And how could trade relations with China affect the economy?…

Live Sessions: 6/25/20

  • 062520
  • 3 minutes

How should we react to the surge in coronavirus cases? And should we be worried about the predictions of a bubble in the market?…

Live Sessions: 6/18/20

  • 061820
  • 3 minutes

What should we be doing today to protect and invest in this market environment? And how might the market react to the proposed infrastructure package?…

Live Sessions: 6/11/20

  • 061120
  • 1 minute

What factors led to the recent market upturn? And how does the Federal Reserve affect the stock market?…

Live Sessions: 6/4/20

  • 060420
  • 3 minutes

How do buffered products work? And why is the market still rallying despite recent news? Is higher inflation a possibility?…

Live Sessions: 5/29/20

  • 052920
  • 3 minutes

Is now a good time to pay off debt, or should we take advantage of the low interest rates? And how does "market breadth" impact the market?…

Live Sessions: 5/22/20

  • 052220
  • 3 minutes

With today's market, should we look to invest in indexes or actively managed funds? Are small- and mid-cap companies a good investment right now?…

Live Sessions: 5/15/20

  • 051520
  • 2 minutes

What should we watch for in the coming months? And are negative interest rates a real possibility?…

Live Sessions: 5/8/20

  • 050820
  • 2 minutes

Why the market surge in spite of high unemployment rates? Is now a good time to invest in value stocks, or fixed index annuities?…

Live Sessions: 5/1/20

  • 050120
  • 3 minutes

Should we invest cash now to benefit from a market recovery? Or are there portfolio adjustments that might be prudent?…

Live Sessions: 4/24/20

  • 042420
  • 2 minutes

Why is the market rallying in spite of the economic shutdown? Will we continue to see market volatility, and why?…

Can Tax-loss Harvesting Help You Save on Taxes?

  • 112118
  • 1 minute

How do you harvest losses, and could it save you money? Here are a few things to consider.…

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The Rules of Retirement: Made to Fit

  • 051916
  • 2 minutes

Wherever you are on life’s journey, retirement is somewhere up ahead. But how to find the ideal number to save, regardless of financial know-how?…

From the Archives

Caring, for the Long-Term

  • 110115
  • 2 minutes

When planning for future needs, long term care insurance is a wise choice. It’s one way to make life-and the transition-easier on you and your family.…

From the Archives

Sharing Wealth: The Value of Your Financial Know-How

  • 080515
  • 3 minutes

Just like manners and social graces, financial know-how is a learned, studied behavior. And lessons learned along the path—perhaps your path—are always relevant, and deserve to be shared.…

From the Archives

Across the Decades: Financial Advice that Spans the Divide

  • 080515
  • 5 minutes

Whether we want to admit it or not, we all need sound advice. But when it comes to finding reliable financial advice, the source plays a key role.…

From the Archives

Maximizing Potential

  • 052115
  • 2 minutes

A Roth IRA is a solid investing option to look at when retirement planning. Especially if you’d like retirement savings that can be accessed tax-free.…

From the Archives

Balancing Act

  • 102114
  • 6 minutes

Mortgage prepayment vs. investing is a serious financial decision. Interest rates and retirement plans factor in. Don’t stress: Expert advice is here.…