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Becoming Khan

  • 040721
  • 3 minutes

It’s nothing new—the market runs on emotion. But how can we avoid doing the same? Spoiler alert: It IS all in your head.…

Live Sessions: 8/6/20

  • 080620
  • 2 minutes

What are we to make of the continued earnings in the tech sector? And what risk factors should we watch for over the next 12 months?…

Live Sessions: 7/30/20

  • 073020
  • 1 minute

What market impactors should we watch for over the next few weeks? And what's unique about commercial real estate assets?…

Live Sessions: 7/23/20

  • 072320
  • 1 minute

Is it a bad idea to act on speculations over the upcoming election now? And what market areas might benefit from current conditions?…

Live Sessions: 7/16/20

  • 071620
  • 1 minute

What might be in store for the rest of 2020? And how could trade relations with China affect the economy?…

Live Sessions: 6/25/20

  • 062520
  • 3 minutes

How should we react to the surge in coronavirus cases? And should we be worried about the predictions of a bubble in the market?…

Live Sessions: 6/18/20

  • 061820
  • 3 minutes

What should we be doing today to protect and invest in this market environment? And how might the market react to the proposed infrastructure package?…

Live Sessions: 6/11/20

  • 061120
  • 1 minute

What factors led to the recent market upturn? And how does the Federal Reserve affect the stock market?…

Live Sessions: 6/4/20

  • 060420
  • 3 minutes

How do buffered products work? And why is the market still rallying despite recent news? Is higher inflation a possibility?…

Live Sessions: 5/29/20

  • 052920
  • 3 minutes

Is now a good time to pay off debt, or should we take advantage of the low interest rates? And how does "market breadth" impact the market?…

Live Sessions: 5/22/20

  • 052220
  • 3 minutes

With today's market, should we look to invest in indexes or actively managed funds? Are small- and mid-cap companies a good investment right now?…

Live Sessions: 5/15/20

  • 051520
  • 2 minutes

What should we watch for in the coming months? And are negative interest rates a real possibility?…

Live Sessions: 5/8/20

  • 050820
  • 2 minutes

Why the market surge in spite of high unemployment rates? Is now a good time to invest in value stocks, or fixed index annuities?…

Live Sessions: 5/1/20

  • 050120
  • 3 minutes

Should we invest cash now to benefit from a market recovery? Or are there portfolio adjustments that might be prudent?…

Live Sessions: 4/24/20

  • 042420
  • 2 minutes

Why is the market rallying in spite of the economic shutdown? Will we continue to see market volatility, and why?…

Can Tax-loss Harvesting Help You Save on Taxes?

  • 112118
  • 1 minute

How do you harvest losses, and could it save you money? Here are a few things to consider.…

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The Rules of Retirement: Made to Fit

  • 051916
  • 2 minutes

Wherever you are on life’s journey, retirement is somewhere up ahead. But how to find the ideal number to save, regardless of financial know-how?…

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Caring, for the Long-Term

  • 110115
  • 2 minutes

When planning for future needs, long term care insurance is a wise choice. It’s one way to make life-and the transition-easier on you and your family.…

From the Archives

Sharing Wealth: The Value of Your Financial Know-How

  • 080515
  • 3 minutes

Just like manners and social graces, financial know-how is a learned, studied behavior. And lessons learned along the path—perhaps your path—are always relevant, and deserve to be shared.…

From the Archives

Across the Decades: Financial Advice that Spans the Divide

  • 080515
  • 5 minutes

Whether we want to admit it or not, we all need sound advice. But when it comes to finding reliable financial advice, the source plays a key role.…

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Maximizing Potential

  • 052115
  • 2 minutes

A Roth IRA is a solid investing option to look at when retirement planning. Especially if you’d like retirement savings that can be accessed tax-free.…

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Balancing Act

  • 102114
  • 6 minutes

Mortgage prepayment vs. investing is a serious financial decision. Interest rates and retirement plans factor in. Don’t stress: Expert advice is here.…