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Close up of a man's cupped hands holding a small pile of rich dirt, atop which sits what looks like a spherical circuit board as though having recently sprouted from it

The AI Cooperative

  • 080723
  • 5 minutes

The possibilities for artificial intelligence in the financial sector are thrilling—and concerning. What can history teach us about the dangers of letting the latest tech innovations loose on the stock market?…

A somewhat abstract image suggestive of a human eye, the pupil represented by Earth, with what appears to be a tear falling from the globe and a piece of masking tape over the whole eye.

ESG Investing and the Politics of Compassion

  • 062223
  • 4 minutes

The concept of ESG investing arose as a means for investors to support and benefit from companies that share their ethical concerns. Let’s explore why we need to know more than what we think we know about this growing trend.…

A Bitcoin rolls across the foreground, eventually eaten by a dark, geeky-looking monster whose image glitches in and out.

Nixon, Crypto and the Goblins of Newness

  • 033022
  • 4 minutes

In practice, does Bitcoin portend economic freedom or anarchy? Is it a viable currency? And what is its present investment potential? Let’s take a stab at the latter two questions. Though it might be helpful to first talk about currency itself.…

Bear Markets Come and Go

  • 032420
  • 1 minute

Don't lose sleep over market volatility. There have been 10 bear markets since 1950, and the market has eventually recovered every time.…

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Complexity, Simplified: Inter-sowing Seeds of Financial Wisdom

  • 102815
  • 5 minutes

Wisdom can be universal--from farming to financial investments. So when working for growth in fluctuating markets, amend your soil with expert advice.…

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  • 082615
  • 1 minute

As we continue to live through the increased volatility in the financial markets, it’s a natural reaction to question how this may impact our own individual wealth.…

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Risk vs Reward

  • 021515
  • 3 minutes

The S&P 500 saw huge returns in 2014, but most portfolios didn t echo those gains. Would the investment risk have been worth the reward?…

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Retirement 101

  • 040114
  • 2 minutes

Retirement investing can be daunting. Incorporating personal circumstances into personal finance is a clear path toward a solid financial future.…