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From the Desk: Will the Santa Claus Rally Continue?

  • 122023
  • 2 minutes

At the time of this post, the S&P 500 is up 3.85% this month alone. The Cleveland Browns are 2-1 over the same period. Clearly, the Santa Claus rally is benefiting both investors and Browns fans alike. The question is, will it continue?…

Against a vivid purple and red sky, a dark metal humanoid robot carries a large bright-red haired robotic black bull with a white face over its left shoulder, holding the bull's front hooves in its hands and the bull's back legs dangle in the air behind.

When Bulls Win—And Other Tales of Monopoly

  • 112023
  • 4 minutes

Just seven tech stocks drove 70% of the S&P 500’s gains in the first two quarters of this year. Now, the US Dept of Justice is fighting a landmark case against one of those seven. What might this portend for Google, other big-tech players, the market, and you?…

Close up of a man's cupped hands holding a small pile of rich dirt, atop which sits what looks like a spherical circuit board as though having recently sprouted from it

The AI Cooperative

  • 080723
  • 5 minutes

The possibilities for artificial intelligence in the financial sector are thrilling—and concerning. What can history teach us about the dangers of letting the latest tech innovations loose on the stock market?…

A nerdy-looking man with coke-bottle glasses wails like a spoiled child, holding an empty coin purse

The Economy of Indulgence

  • 051223
  • 3 minutes

Drastic measures taken during the 2008 financial crisis were largely successful—but we’re still grappling with unforeseen repercussions. How did we get here? And how do we protect ourselves as investors?…

A weathered merry-go-round pony with cracked paint gazes wildly up at a similarly-cracked dove, the rest of the carnival ride blurred behind a trippy, psychedelic haze.

A Day in the Life at the Fed

  • 030223
  • 6 minutes

Inflation and recession might qualify as incendiary language when abused by ratings-hungry media bigmouths. Join us for a fictional day in the life at the Fed and find reason to push fear aside and take a colorful ride.…

Photograph of Jimmy Stewart’s wax figure as George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life at Madame Tussaud’s in Hollywood.

Is It a Wonderful Life?

  • 120922
  • 4 minutes

As investors, maintaining perspective can be tough when life hits us with a daily poop emoji. With a bit of consideration, these three topics can help turn our internal frown upside-down: Trust, relativity and tolerance—in brief.…

Old photo of a young person next to a storey-tall pile of bombs, overlaid with graphs suggesting changing market data.

War—What is it Good For?

  • 022322
  • 3 minutes

The U.S. market is indelibly tied to the country's involvement in global affairs—so as things threaten to boil over in Ukraine, should we prepare our wallets for the worst?…

Young woman lounges lazily in the sun, her eyes gazing through retro-trendy sunglasses past the ominous volcanic heat nearby.

I Like My Market Corrections Sunny Side Up. You?

  • 100821
  • 3 minutes

Is an impending market correction the interstellar monster we might imagine it to be? It all depends on how you serve it. Order up!…

Bear Markets Come and Go

  • 032420
  • 1 minute

Don't lose sleep over market volatility. There have been 10 bear markets since 1950, and the market has eventually recovered every time.…

Does Inversion = Recession? Does it Matter?

  • 122718
  • 2 minutes

Are we in a recession? Are we heading for a recession? Should we go to cash because of the recession? Let's clear this up.…

Will the Holiday Shopping Season be Enough to Stop the Markets from Falling and Turn the Momentum?

  • 112818
  • 1 minute

Will this holiday shopping season be enough to beat the bear? Early data suggests that may very well be the case.…

What Do These Big Drops in the Market Mean for You?

  • 102618
  • 1 minute

The last few weeks or so have been a little unsettling for many investors. How worried should you be?…

Will This Win Streak be SNAPped?

  • 032117
  • 2 minutes

Just how unusual have the last few months in the market really been? We dug up some statistics to give perspective.…

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Brexit Backwash

  • 062416
  • 1 minute

The UK has voted to remove itself from the European Union. How we react to events like this are what differentiate traders from investors.…

From the Archives

Anticipating the Fed

  • 102715
  • 2 minutes

Will the Fed raise rates? Should they? And what happens to the market if they do or don’t?…

From the Archives


  • 082615
  • 1 minute

As we continue to live through the increased volatility in the financial markets, it’s a natural reaction to question how this may impact our own individual wealth.…

From the Archives

Risk vs Reward

  • 021515
  • 3 minutes

The S&P 500 saw huge returns in 2014, but most portfolios didn t echo those gains. Would the investment risk have been worth the reward?…

From the Archives

Recent Equity Market Volatility

  • 101614
  • 2 minutes

Here at FNA, we have been anticipating a pullback in the markets for the last two quarters. Now that we are living it, I would like to answer a pair of questions that are likely on many of your minds.…

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Riding the Bull

  • 082714
  • 1 minute

Three FNA financial advisors gained rare economic insights at a recent invitation-only investment forum. Now, put their know-how to work for you.…