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There's Still Time to Contribute to an IRA for 2019

  • 030420
  • 2 minutes

Even though tax filing season is well under way, there's still time to make a regular IRA contribution for 2019.…

529 Plans and Financial Aid Eligibility

  • 020120
  • 3 minutes

If you're thinking about opening a 529 account, or if you've already opened one, you might be wondering how 529 funds will affect your child's financial aid eligibility.…

New Spending Package Includes Sweeping Retirement Plan Changes (SECURE Act)

  • 010920
  • 4 minutes

The SECURE Act represents the most sweeping set of changes to retirement legislation in more than a decade. Should you revisit your estate planning strategies?…

Tax Planning for the Self-Employed

Tax Planning for the Self-Employed

  • 022619
  • 4 minutes

Ah, the joy of being self-employed—and then there's taxes. Learn how to do tax season like a boss.…

Understanding Personal Tax Credits

  • 021219
  • 3 minutes

You may be paying too much income tax if you're not claiming all the tax credits for which you're eligible. Which of these might apply to you?…

Income Tax Planning and 529 Plans

  • 020519
  • 3 minutes

The tax benefits offered by 529 plans make them attractive, but it's important to evaluate the consequences of withdrawals and contributions before you invest.…

Can Tax-loss Harvesting Help You Save on Taxes?

  • 112118
  • 1 minute

How do you harvest losses, and could it save you money? Here are a few things to consider.…

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Maximizing Potential

  • 052115
  • 2 minutes

A Roth IRA is a solid investing option to look at when retirement planning. Especially if you’d like retirement savings that can be accessed tax-free.…

From the Archives

Balancing Act

  • 102114
  • 6 minutes

Mortgage prepayment vs. investing is a serious financial decision. Interest rates and retirement plans factor in. Don’t stress: Expert advice is here.…

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Juggling Act

  • 082714
  • 4 minutes

Prioritize your savings goals with help from an FNA advisor. Whether its retirement or college—or perhaps both—find financial direction you can trust.…

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Retirement 101

  • 040114
  • 2 minutes

Retirement investing can be daunting. Incorporating personal circumstances into personal finance is a clear path toward a solid financial future.…