Caring, for the Long-Term

  • 110115
  • 2 minutes

Thankfulness is a year-round attitude, but we're especially feeling it this time of year. Something about the changing seasons brings the important things into focus: good friends, loving family, warm memories. And when we're all together, we're truly living in the moment. Yet, while that's what we live for this time of year—for the world to slow down a bit—perhaps we should also be doing some serious reflecting.

Thankfully, you know you can count on those folks around your table. And whether it's help finishing that weekend project, or much-needed assistance and care during a prolonged health situation, they'll be there when you need them the most. With a support group like that, you'll never be alone. So why not do everyone a favor and buy out some time to talk with your family about potential future care needs. Plans don't have to be left to chance—there's a much better way.

While we totally understand why vitally important conversations can sometimes lose out to more immediate concerns, we also can't help but stand up as advocates. One topic in specific—long-term care (LTC) insurance and planning—has especially been on the top of our mind. With November as the official month to spotlight the long-term care conversation, there's a plethora of available resources to help you grasp the necessity, and find your footing. Just a little investigation and you'll find that people of all sorts have come to depend on the security that's inherent in long-term care planning.

What you'll come to appreciate is, in the end, LTC is all about you—your choices, preferences, and wishes. And that makes sense, because while most of us would expect our families to help out if we faced a long-term care situation, we'd also never want to place a burden on them—financial or otherwise. Yet while your LTC decisions begin and end with you, family, friends and others will almost definitely be involved. So let's step up our game now, knowing that if an unanticipated health condition were to develop, important decisions will have already been carefully considered. Making it easier for family members to take part and show their concern will alleviate tension for everyone, assuring a smoother transition when the need for care arises.

We could all do with a little extra peace of mind today, not leaving long-term care planning to a later 'someday.' These choices take time, consideration and an early start, because life happens every day. Thankfully though, there's no need to go it alone. Spending some time looking into available resources and talking with an expert can be just what's needed to begin making wise choices about your future. And while making sound long-term care decisions can be a way to show some love, it's also a really responsible, smart move. Details established, plan in place: Now you can sit back, slow down, and relish the joy of the season even more, knowing that come what may, you—and the ones you love—have a clear path forward.

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