Life & Long-term Care Insurance and Your Retirement Plan.

As a serious investor, you know the value of saving, planning, and providing for future needs. But it could be that your retirement plan is missing a vital piece.

While life insurance talk is constant its real value is sometimes left understated. One example is its importance as an investment tool. Tax savvy investors may know that, similar to the Roth IRA, investment in some form of permanent life insurance can reap rich benefits down the road—including tax-free access to policy cash values or dividends—and can also be used to establish trusts to fund estate taxes, satisfy debt, or provide needed liquidity for business continuation.

Long-term care insurance is arguably less well-known, but of no less importance. Our increased longevity is an accepted fact. In financial planning terms that means that healthcare will quickly top your list of projected post-retirement expenses. Factor in rising costs for care and it becomes obvious that traditional retirement planning vehicles simply can’t provide for long-term care.

The ideal time to capitalize on the investment potential of both life insurance and long-term care insurance is before retirement. What, though, if you’re already there? You’re not out of options: That’s where our experience and expertise come into play. Either way, we’ll look into available policies and find the one that best suits your needs.

Your FNA advisors are fully equipped both to provide robust insurance offerings and find your ideal policy. Regardless of your situation, our depth of skill and practical knowledge are positioned with your success in mind.

We earnestly invite you to tap into our wealth of personal finance and retirement planning experience. Make our strengths work for you.

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