Let's Play Ball

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Sports fans exude hope like none other. Regardless of past failings, the future is always bright. As a new baseball season begins, we can take a lesson from America’s pastime: Strikeouts and lost bases are inevitable. Reducing frequency—now that depends on accuracy and application.

Bring that principle home, and you get a solid picture of financial planning: Using expert industry knowledge and a snapshot of personal finance to mitigate loss, build dividends, reach goals. Yes, risk is involved, but your FNA financial advisors are always ready to inform and assist. Retirement planning, investing, generally sound advice: This is our wheelhouse.

Back to the Bases

No team enters the ball field without a game plan and weeks of practice under their belt. Success isn’t born of chance. In the case of personal finance, that couldn’t be more true. A reliable strategy is key. Ask yourself: While cash is flowing, am I directing it to my best advantage? Am I fully aware of the amounts of capital earned, saved, and spent? Am I saving for something specific, such as retirement? A diligent, sometimes slow start can be exactly what it takes to score big in the long run. Discipline when it matters most can ideally position you for a secure retirement, fully funded education, smooth relocation, etc.

At its core, financial planning is about you and your goals; Whether long- or short-term, individual or collective. Financial objectives require honest, careful attention. Taking a smart approach to investing can help you to make the most of your personal finances.

And what of sudden and unexpected demands on your wallet? Arrange for an emergency reserve to be regularly funded. You’ll be investing in yourself, your family, and everyone’s peace of mind.

Object Lesson

A player may be best served by securing one base at a time, or perhaps by making a run for it when the opportunity affords. Surely, good coaching will accurately inform his decision. An objective viewpoint can be priceless, especially when coming from an expert. The same holds true when it comes to investing and personal finance. A potentially winning play may not be obvious. So bring your ideas and concerns to the table, and FNA’s team of financial advisors will work to flesh them out.

A curveball will make an appearance, and striking out is part of the game—it will happen. How you react and proceed will determine the effect. No need to fall into a slump. Careful financial planning can allay fears and provide clear direction. Getting started on the path toward financial security can be risky, sure. Even riskier still is leaving your plans to the wind. FNA financial advisors understand the ins and outs, and are ready to help. Stay in the game.

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