Funding Survivorship

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Our customers. In this business, you top the priority list. You’ve given loyalty and support, we’ve given tools to help build your financial future. But we believe in giving more: Something fundamental, close to home. Keeping our goal in mind prompts awareness. So here we share with you, our community, a cause near and dear.

Cancer detection, prevention, research and treatment. A vast undertaking, a substantial bill. Yet when we hear a survival story—let alone live through one—we understand the value. Personally, though we’ve lost friends and family to this ruthless villain, we also know what it means to win. According to American Cancer Society statistics, 13 million Americans can relate. They fought, they made it, and their ranks are growing. Still, cancer’s stronghold isn’t easily undermined. Much remains to be done.

At FNA Wealth Management, we are up to the challenge. Experience has shaped our mission: Educate advisors and potential donors alike, advocate charitable giving as the ideal conduit for philanthropic energies. Through the Northeast Ohio Planned Giving Council, and our involvement with the American Cancer Society, we have helped many in the community to see that achieving financial security need not supersede compassion.

One good turn deserves another. Find out how your shrewd planning can provide a lasting positive impact. As you work toward a secure future, consider sharing your success. Our advisors have examples at the ready, and are keen to share. Call with questions, or to schedule an appointment. Let’s make a difference, together.