Live Sessions: Market Update

Live Sessions

Market Update: Nov 05 2020

  • Potential Upcoming Risks
  • Presidential Election

What major risks should we watch for in the next year? And why is the market still bullish with the election still in the air?…

Market Update: Oct 22 2020

  • Market Expectations
  • Presidential Election
  • Tech Companies

Where's the market headed up to and after the election? And how will the Google suit affect stocks?…

Market Update: Oct 08 2020

  • Presidential Election
  • Tech Stocks

How will the shift in election polls affect the market? And what should we make of the pullback in tech stocks over the last few weeks?…

Market Update: Sep 24 2020

  • Market Expectations
  • Presidential Election

How might politics and COVID-19 vaccine news affect markets in the short term? And what should we be looking for to help drive the market higher?…

Market Update: Sep 17 2020

  • Federal Rates
  • Business Closures
  • Economic Recovery

How will the Fed's low rates affect the equity market? And have we moved past the recent market volatility?…

Market Update: Sep 10 2020

  • Presidential Election
  • Market Leaders

Which market sectors might replace tech as market leaders? And what can we learn about the election from today's market?…

Market Update: Sep 03 2020

  • Growth vs Value Stocks
  • Market Expectations
  • Protecting Gains

The markets are rallying in spite of negative news surrounding COVID-19, but is this sustainable? And how can we protect gains from recent months?…

Market Update: Aug 27 2020

  • Risk Tolerance
  • Dow Jones

How often should our risk tolerance be reevaluated? And what happens when a company is removed from the Dow Jones industrial average?…

Market Update: Aug 20 2020

  • Market Expectations
  • Protecting Gains

What might impact the market most in the coming weeks? And what can I do to protect stock market gains from the last few months?…

Market Update: Aug 13 2020

  • "Stay-at-Home" Stocks
  • Presidential Election

What should we watch for in the stock market in the next few weeks? And what impact might the election have on the markets?…

Market Update: Aug 06 2020

  • Earnings Reports
  • Tech Stocks
  • Potential Upcoming Risks

What are we to make of the continued earnings in the tech sector? And what risk factors should we watch for over the next 12 months?…

Market Update: Jul 30 2020

  • Market Expectations
  • Commercial Real Estate

What market impactors should we watch for over the next few weeks? And what's unique about commercial real estate assets?…

Market Update: Jul 23 2020

  • Presidential Election
  • Market Movers

Is it a bad idea to act on speculations over the upcoming election now? And what market areas might benefit from current conditions?…

Market Update: Jul 16 2020

  • Market Expectations
  • US-China Trade Relations

What might be in store for the rest of 2020? And how could trade relations with China affect the economy?…

Market Update: Jun 25 2020

  • Market Expectations
  • COVID-19

How should we react to the surge in coronavirus cases? And should we be worried about the predictions of a bubble in the market?…

Market Update: Jun 18 2020

  • Dollar Cost Averaging
  • Market Expectations
  • Risk Tolerance
  • Economic Stimulus

What should we be doing today to protect and invest in this market environment? And how might the market react to the proposed infrastructure package?…

Market Update: Jun 11 2020

  • Market Drivers
  • Federal Reserve

What factors led to the recent market upturn? And how does the Federal Reserve affect the stock market?…

Market Update: Jun 04 2020

  • Buffered Products
  • Market Expectations
  • Inflation

How do buffered products work? And why is the market still rallying despite recent news? Is higher inflation a possibility?…

Market Update: May 29 2020

  • Market Drivers
  • Debt Management
  • Market Breadth

Is now a good time to pay off debt, or should we take advantage of the low interest rates? And how does "market breadth" impact the market?…

Market Update: May 22 2020

  • Dollar Cost Averaging
  • Active vs Passive Investing
  • Small & Midcap Companies
  • Income Investing

With today's market, should we look to invest in indexes or actively managed funds? Are small- and mid-cap companies a good investment right now?…

Market Update: May 15 2020

  • Market Expectations
  • Bonds
  • Negative Interest Rates

What should we watch for in the coming months? And are negative interest rates a real possibility?…

Market Update: May 08 2020

  • Unemployment
  • Dividend Payers
  • Fixed Income Annuities

Why the market surge in spite of high unemployment rates? Is now a good time to invest in value stocks, or fixed index annuities?…

Market Update: May 01 2020

  • Dollar Cost Averaging
  • Market Expectations
  • Portfolio Rebalancing

Should we invest cash now to benefit from a market recovery? Or are there portfolio adjustments that might be prudent?…

Market Update: Apr 24 2020

  • Market Volatility
  • Economic Stimulus

Why is the market rallying in spite of the economic shutdown? Will we continue to see market volatility, and why?…