2014 and Beyond

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As we round the bend to 2015, here at FNA we are excited and energized, but most of all, grateful. It was our exceptional group of trusting clients, expanding team of loyal advisors and staff, and powerhouse of a partner that have contributed to and will continue to boost our upward climb. This is our family and to you we say: THANK YOU!

Beyond appreciation is our core desire to share our success. Like any family, the best result is attained when we succeed together. To emphasize what this means, let's take a look at the year gone by, and a glimpse at our focus for the next. You'll see that our family is bound to grow, and achieve new things together.

In Retrospect

2014 was a year of significant growth—the kind of growth that is beneficial to us all. We understand that wealth management is a comprehensive endeavor and that having the right resources is essential, as in any case; perhaps more so with growth and change. Consequently, when we discern the need for and have opportunities to acquire new talent, we're going to be decisive. And in 2014, we were just that. In case you haven’t heard, or haven't had the chance to meet them yet, we introduce you to three new friendly members of the FNA family:

  • Jo-Ann Humphrey, CPA. Jo-Ann’s nearly 30 years of experience in varying levels of financial services is recommendation enough. Factor in her diverse financial background and experience in the world of taxes, and it’s obvious that she has much to share. More on Jo-Ann →
  • Jonathan Mistofsky. Jonathan came to us from the hedge fund world, bringing with him industry insight and hard-to-come-by experience. His financial know-how is an undeniable advantage. More on Jonathan →
  • Carol Rondini. Carol became part of our team as our receptionist and additional customer service representative. Whether you visit or call, Carol’s welcoming demeanor reflects what FNA has come to mean.

Our newest team members are excited to get to work for you. We have already seen the benefits of expanding our family ties, and trust you will too.

Sterne Agee

Essentially, FNA was born to serve—it’s who we are. And if while taking care of our clients we notice room for improvement or an opportunity for expansion, you know that we will act, and with your best interests in mind.

One such serendipitous value-add marks 2014 as a pivotal year: Our partnership with Sterne Agee. Expanding our team to include an industry giant, our bank of resources couldn’t be better stocked.

Founded in 1901, Sterne Agee is still one of the nation's few independent, employee owned, full service wealth management and investment bank firms. Also a full service trust company, Sterne Agee is an expert at asset management, drawing from the expertise of a well-known and -respected chief economist, along with 40+ analysts, busy at work around the world. Using 20+ model portfolios and state-of-the-art technology—offering analytics, analyses and key insights—Sterne Agee is on top of the game. Mix in comprehensive banking and mortgage services, and it looks like our family just grew.

FNA Online

Keeping in touch with our clients is a pleasure. Whether informing you as to goings on within the FNA family, or the financial industry and world at large, it is our privilege. And what better way to prove our enthusiasm then to give communication precedence. Imagine how thrilled we were to introduce our newly designed website, with its focus on relevant, informative content. And since we love to hear from our community, you now have plenty of opportunities to engage and chat. We also branched out, establishing a Facebook and Twitter presence. Here you can find informative gems, clue in to company events, and learn of special opportunities.

You know us: Maybe a little too willing to share what we know. Yet when it comes to providing reliable answers to your financial questions, a little willingness is a good thing. Thus, we have retooled and reinstituted our monthly newsletter. A window into what’s happening at FNA, and more importantly, a way to keep you informed of financial news, important topics, and to address complex concerns in a skillful and—more importantly—practical way.

One improvement you can expect in 2015: topics more carefully tailored to your interests and needs. We may ask you for your opinion with this so we can continue to learn and adapt to what’s on your mind. Your feedback is a priceless asset: Don't be shy!

2015 In Prospect

On the level, 2014 was a remarkable year, and you played a huge part. Even so, and perhaps understandably, we're inspired to do more, continue improving, work smarter—and this year's achievements have equipped us to do just that. So let's move upward and onward—and while we better our best, you'll see that we are all in this together.

'Family' is all about inclusion—working and learning, side by side. To this end, we are finalizing strategic alliances with a group of local financial services companies.  Instead of assigning ungenerous labels, we are identifying businesses that closely resemble FNA’s culture, values, and client-centric approach. We then get a feel for areas of expertise that would complement our services. The resulting connections will mean a broader, more comprehensive approach to your investment and retirement planning.

When it comes to resources, it’s easy to see FNA’s position: When more is best, we go for more. So in looking toward the coming year, expect to see even more new faces. Handpicked experts in their field, with decades of financial services experience, will be invited to join our family. By expanding our advisor base we broaden and deepen our collective knowledge bank. And at FNA, there’s no copyright on learning. With a structure and culture that encourage cooperation and knowledge sharing, our advisors can take a holistic approach to serving your financial needs. Time and experience have taught us that when exploration is the norm, possibilities abound.

Obviously, we love working together, not against. At every turn—industry or compliance memos, equity research, or unique proprietary investment opportunities—it is essential that our trusted advisors are informed and unified. Thanks to Sterne Agee, daily updates are streaming in—now to harness the flow. Sal Catalano—wealth manager with FNA for nearly 20 years—has expanded his role here, and is taking charge of a new internal education system. With a resulting network of advisors kept current on all aspects of our industry, time is saved, and your interests are handled with impressive efficiency. When even one member of the family grows, everyone benefits.

Pondering the past year is rewarding. Yet while noting how far we have come, we choose to focus on our collective potential. Especially now, with an array of added resources, and plans to further invigorate our offerings. Far from self-aggrandizing, our hope is that by sharing our successes we can prove to be a positive force. So as one year melds into the next, we look forward to continued growth, meaningful partnerships, deepening relationships. Here’s to 2015! —Here’s to family.